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Monday, June 12, 2023



I have good news for Entrepreneurs that after more than 7+ years of experience in the publishing industry – book publishing, having helped more than 150+ Authors who are leading experts in their fields publish – Having published a successful book, and having self-published over 7+ books, I realized that you as an Entrepreneur can accelerate your dreams and scale your business as you become an entrepreneur. an Author. 

Why can becoming a successful Author accelerate your dreams?

What are your dream? No matter who you aspire to be, do and have in the future, you have probably dreamed of writing a book – being considered the brainchild of each person, and publishing a successful book. You can achieve your dream of publishing books and become a successful Author. I believe that the most effective way to fulfill your dreams sooner is to start now - think of writing a book, and publishing it successfully.

I remember an Author - Speaker and evangelist in most of his speaking programs, that is Nick Vujicic - Author of the books "Never Give Up Aspiration" and "Living For What You Mean". more meaningful”. In this book, the Author shares the story of his life, that although he was born in a body without legs and arms, it did not make him fall. Although he wanted to commit suicide at the age of 13, he suddenly realized that: God had a bigger plan in his life. And since then he has followed God's call that there are people without legs, without arms, without worries. Inspirational stories about his life are shared in the books "Never give up on aspiration" and "Living for something more meaningful". If you have a message you want to share with the world, and want to fulfill your life's dream. Start thinking about writing a book and you will accelerate towards your dream.

Why can becoming an Author help you scale your business?

Let's start thinking what is your business career? How does it happen? And how can business get better? No matter which direction you conduct your business, the permanent, indispensable and always-on-going work is MARKETING. A published book can help you boost your marketing and help you scale your business.

In the book “17 Ways to Build Your Business With a Book”, Author Tran Trung Kien shares a message through which you can accelerate your business career by writing books. – publish books and become a successful Author. This book exploits the Marketing aspect of a published book, thereby promoting the Author's brand, promoting the Author's business career, promoting the product brand - corporate brand, and from there. can help the Author to expand his business career. If you are looking for a way to be successful then becoming a Successful Author will accelerate your business success.

In fact, the book is the most powerful marketing tool and the most effective way to increase income.

Why is a published book the most powerful marketing tool?

Most of the world's top experts in personal development since the last 50 years have become an Author. The question is why do most of those Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, and Personal Development Professionals become an Author? There's an important reason behind them, and the most important reason is that the book has become the most powerful mind-marketer - cultural marketers can use to market their brands and increase their sales. income to new heights.

Robert Kiyosaki shares the message of financial freedom in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

T. Harv Eker shares the message of the path to becoming a millionaire in the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Brian Tracy shares the message of sales, self-development solutions and business development solutions in more than 50+ published books - published by the company.

Jack Canfield shares the message of self-development, adding value, faith - hope and love through the book Chicken Soup for the Soul and has sold more than 500 million worldwide within 10 years of its first publication.

And if you have the desire to learn how to use books as the most powerful marketing tool you can attend the SCIENCE OF BOOK sharing course here: www.khoahoccuasach.com – or www. .royalbooks.net – to know more about this amazing solution – aims to help your business use the book as the most powerful marketing tool.

Moreover, a published book is also the most effective way to increase income. You can earn 1000+ USD to 5,000+ USD per month from your published book and more.

Many of the world's most successful Authors have done it - they've written books, published books and become Successful Authors - and you can be the next.

Congratulations on joining the world of Successful Authors – pioneers in sharing and adding value to the world by sharing their intellectual property, knowledge, experiences and stories. yourself – to change the lives of others!

Letter from the Author's desk - Author Advisor Tran Trung Kien

If you want to publish – publish a book in Vietnam with the Royal Book Publishing Process – will help you get there:

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